Jacob’s Ladder

Adidas, Shocker, Ray, Hacky Sack, Big Spur, Cowbell, Swanson, Cable Guy, Roker, Sister…, Boy Exotic, Chigger, Handy Manny, Ball Cock, Hostillo, Judge Judy

Temp: 65 degrees, little to no humidity, cool breeze from the East and West.

SSH x 10 2M AC x 10 4M AC x 10 6M TTT x 10 8 M Windmill x 10 10 M SSH x 10 12M AC x 10 14M AC x 10 16M TTT x 10 18 M Windmill x 10 20 M


Jacob’s Ladder Bus Loop/Burpees to 7 and back down.

mosey/TM x 10

Mary: TM x 10, Flutter x 10

Prayer Requests: Joker and his family after the passing of his dad. Those in the path of Hurricane Laura.

Moleskin: Good work by all, especially those that hate running. Workout contained 3+ miles of running. A little less for Handy Manny as he was caught walking. Thanks for letting my slack ass lead. Good to be back at the best AO in F3 Lowcountry, possibly the United States (according to verified sources).


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