8/26/2020 The Brig

PAX: MiniVan(Q), Spaulding, Bartman, NaeNae, JV, Earhardt and some guy named HardHat

Weather: Typical August weather in the lowcountry, open your door and start sweating

Intro, disclaimer blah blah blah

Warmup: TTTx10 IC, IWx10IC ACFx10IC & ACBx10IC, Mosey 400 meters

  • The Thang: Iron Pax Workout Week 0
    • 50 Air Squats
    • 40 Big Boys
    • 30 Merkins
    • 20 Bonnie Blairs (Jump Lunge) 2-count
    • 10 Burpees
    • Run 400 meters
    • Rinse & Repeat x 4
  • All finished in allotted time
  • Mary
    • Reverse order of The Thang and shorter run
  • Announcements: Sign up for Iron PAX, Looking at ways to “re-connect” with lost PAX, looking at ways to populate Q sheet, IF you havent made run day – you need to go
  • Prayers/ Praises: Shingles mom, kids and parents getting back into school rhythm
  • Moleskine: Minimal mumblechatter this morning, Goose breaking out a multiple 70 rep beatdown on Tuesday, Humidity, Spauldings upcoming speech at the RNC, Hardhat and Earhardt convincing each other not to merlot, JV trying to figure out how to cut his time down

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