PAX: Handy Manny, Ballcock, Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher(Respect), Hackey Sack, Cable Guy(Respect), Swanson, Chigger, Jeter, Cowbell, Shocker, Adidas-QIC

Conditions: It would be dryer in a pool. 

Disclaimer: Not a trained Pro, your here to accelerate yourself and the men next to you. Just don’t get hurt! 

Warm O Rama: 10 SSH IC, LBAC & Chinnoks IC, TTT, stretch right, runners pose, stretch left, runners pose, hold center to plank, 6” plank, high plank, recover. 

Mosey small loop then to back of school at picnic tables. ( We have never used this area since I started F3)

Pre Thang: 10 Stirkins (step up, step down, incline Merkin), 10 SquatyPotty(step up, squat, step down), 15 Stirkins, all OYO

Main Thang: AIR RAIDS

Circle up. Perform exercise until PAX calls out “Hit It”then perform the next. Jump up and continue first exercise, no recovery until called. 

Round 1- SSH until “Hit it”then 5 HR Merkins, jump right back to SSH. Repeato until all the way through circle. Recover. 11 PAX=11 sets. 

Round 2-Squat until “Hit it” then 10 LBC, jump right back to squats. Repeato until all the way through circle. Recover. 11 sets. 

Round 3- Imperial Walkers until “Hit it” then 5 Bobby Hurleys until all the way through circle. Recover. 11 sets. 

4- Plank Jacks, until “Hit It” then 4 shoulder taps. Recover. 11 sets. 

Round 5- SSH until “Hit It” then 4 lunges. Repeat through circle, recover. 11 sets. 

10 Count

To the wall for, wall squat, then Balls to the Wall, repeat 2X, 30 seconds each. 

Mosey back to pad. 

Repeat round 3 of Air Raids (Crowd pleaser)

4MOM: 50 LBC OYO, 30 Flutters IC, 10 Dirty Dogs IC per side. 15 Dying cockroach IC, 21 Flutters IC

Recover, Recover

Announcements: OlymPAX this Saturday, Beaufort Middle,  0630 sharp. School Supply Drive for FiA Beaufort. 

Swanson named Step up on bench to squat “Squaty Potty” as YHC didn’t have a name for it. 

A new modification exercise seems to be the “Star Gazer”

Shocker wanted to see crotch marks on wall from BTTW. Ball Cock left skid marks! 

We did zero Burpee’s and a half mile of running and it was still an ass kicker. 

Chigger apparently uses hot sauce to kill bugs. Who knew. 

Shout out to Hackey Sack, two/two TheBuck post and pushing hard all the way through. 

There is a special feeling YHC gets being able to lead you men. Knowing your going to show up, get a beat down, and giving me your trust to do it. That is carried throughout my day and I am a much better person, worker, father, and husband because of it. I encourage you all to take advantage of that on a regular basis!



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