Parking Space #21 and Indian Round Up

PAX : Adidas, Swanson, Lavafish(2.0), Jeter, Chigger, Cowbell, Handy Manny, Shocker, Ball Cock, Harbaugh!, Sawed Off, Hackett Sack, Wet Wipes, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (Respect), Calzone(FNG), Cable Guy (QIC)

CONDITIONS : Perfect! If it gets any cooler, I will have to break out the hoodie.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a trained professional, work out at your own risk, modify if needed, push yourself.



AC X 10 IC forward and backwards

Shoulder Press X 20 OYO

AC X 10 IC forward and backwards

Mosey to parking lot

THE THANG: 21’s Squats and Merkins

Lavafish chose squats, so we started with 20 squats jogged to next island/light pole and 1 merkin, jogged to next island/light pole for 19 squats jogged to the next island/light pole for 2 merkins…you get the idea….until 21’s are completed. After a quick 10 count, we were off with the Cowboy and Indians Round Up. PAX in the back of the line(Cowboy) calls out an exercise and the Indians do said exercise while Cowboy circles the Indians. After the Cowboy runs the lap and a half, putting him at the front of the line, the last PAX now becomes the Cowboy. Rinse and repeat. Flutters, Air Humpers, Hand release merkins, Merkins, Crab Jacks, Back Scratchers, LBC’s, Big Boys, Star Bursts, Squats, Planks, Burpees, Shoulder Touches, Alternating Lunges, we’re just a few of the exercises enjoyed by all!!

Mosey back to pad for Dirty Dogs 10 IC each leg and DONE

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Olympax this Saturday, 6:30, at Beaufort MS, please bring school supplies, especially pencils, sanitizer, and wipes

PRAYER REQUEST: Praise for Sawed Off’s sister(Jordan) for the good news regarding her health!! God’s timing, after 14 years.


I can’t thank you enough for the push and encouragement!! Each one of you have been an inspiration and motivation in some form or fashion!! As always, it is a pleasure and privilege to lead!!

Cable Guy Out!!

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