“It’s August”

PAX: Cowbell, Ball Cock, Handy Manny, Judy, Buckeye, Squealer, Sawed Off, Peaches, Peanut, Harbough, Swanson, Lombardi, Gambit (QIC)

13 PAX Pried their way from the comfort of the fartsack to join YHC for a humpday sweatfest. Today was speedd work day for some of  the marathoners which included some “hill” training. After promising Buckeye some similar work during the Q, he let Peaches and I off with only 3 hill sprints this AM. Buckeye the team player…

Conditions: August

Warm-up: (IC) SSH x 30, TTT x 10, 5 burpees  OYO for Judy’s clap during TTT, Windmills x 20, LBAC x 20 ea way, OHP x 20, Squats x 20, Merkins x 10. Mosey

PAX mosey to corner of Pritchard and Bridge and planked for the 6, Continue mosey to the bridge  for a bearcrawl across waiting on the other side for Swanson to finish his lunge walk. Continue mosey to Calhouna nd Bridge for 20 plank jacks IC. Finish mosey down bridge to the bridge.

The Thang:

Jacobs Ladder? (there was some discussion) PAX jailbreak up the hill to the stop sign and perform 13 burpees, mosey back to  bridge and plank for the 6. Continue same decreasing burpee by one each time. we made it to 5 before time forced a change of plan. All PAX mosey back toward flag stopping at bridge and boundary for 4 burpees, jailbreak to pritchard for 3 burpees, mosey to parking lot entrance for 2 burpees, mosey to BBall court for 1 burpee.

6 MOM:

Flutters IC x 20, Air humpers x 20 IC, single leg air humpers x 10 each leg IC, superman on Q’s call, Side plank dips x 10 each side


Announcements: wed lunch 12PM downtown deli, Olympax challenge Beaufort middle 8/15 0630

Prayers: Sawed Off’s sister, Patience and positive attitudes


1. Swanson chose correctly this morning. Nothing like starting out your day being harassed  by YHC

2. Judy was late, then clapped, then challenged Buckeye to a hill sprint. Solid morning

3. Lombardi is a beast. Didn’t  take one sprint off and was the first to the top most times. Dude is over 50. What’s your excuse again?

4. Swanson did 0 Burpees

5. The concrete bball court was sweating this morning it was so humid.

6. This workout sucked, but it allowed me time to take my mind off some of the bullshit going on right now. Thanks for joining me.

Gambit out!

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