Post Isaias get to know your fellow PAX Q 8/4/2020

PAX: Swanson, Jeter, Chigger, Sawed-Off, Harbaugh, Shocker, Handy-Mandy, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (now SMKG pronounced Sim-Cog), Yo-Yo-Ma, Big Spur, Urkel, Cowbell, Roker QIC

Conditions: 74 and clear as forecasted ; )

Disclaimer: Don’t get hurt (Swanson didn’t listen to that part), modify if needed, push the man next to you, I am not a trained professional.

Warm o Rama: SSH/ 2 Merkins, LBAC Fwd/4 Merkins, LBAC Rev/ 6 Merkins, TTT/ 8 Merkins, Windmill/ 10 Merkins, SSH/12 Merkins, LBAC Fwd/14 Merkins, LBAC Rev/16 Merkins, TTT/18 Merkins, Windmill/20 Merkins

Max set of pull ups or 5 assisted

Mosey odd route to wall: 50 dips/10 wall jumps, 40 dips/10 wall jumps, 30 dips/10 wall jumps, 20 dips/10 wall jumps, 10 dips/10 wall jumps.

Mosey bus loop for “catch me if you can”: Partner up (Partner must be a PAX who you have never partnered with, or someone you haven’t gotten the chance to fully meet). PAX choice of 10 merkins or 4 burpees while partner runs away. Once partner has been tagged rinse and repeat. 8 minutes spent playing this game.

Circle at rock pit where each PAX grabs a rock for a “social distancing meet and greet“. PAX must learn a minimum of 3 things about partner while conducting mirrored rock exercises. Squat Press X lost count, Bicep curls X lost count, Overhead press X lost count. It was hard to leave this area because of the amount of meaningful mumble-chatter. QIC was happy and forewarned PAX of a partner pop quiz during COT.

Mosey with rocks to parking lot where we conducted a shadow partner agility game. I feel this was the highlight of the Q however, I really don’t fell like explaining it. If you missed it, you should have been there.

Stage rocks and mosey/ jail break to pull up bars for one last max set of pull ups.

1 minute plank and DONE!


Announcements: OlymPAX! Next Saturday August 15th. 0630.

F2 Lunch tomorrow at noon (location TBD by Squealer)

Prayers: Harbaughs M traveling cross country next week, Shockers Mom has another treatment today, Sawed Offs sister finds out about transplant opportunities today, Chiggers step dad celebrated a birthday yesterday as well as another chemo treatment however, 90% gone!


PAX Pop quiz was given during COT and this is what the PAX learned about each-other today:

Swanson learned that Sawed off is FAST!

Jeter learned that Roker is a Marine and from Michigan.

Chigger learned that Harbaugh has 5 kids and is from Ohio. Also, he has been playing with t.v wires his whole life? (I think i heard that right)

Sawed Off learned that Yo-Yo-Ma wants to go to Clemson and become an agricultural engineer.

Harbough learned that Chigger has 2 kids and has been Marred for over 20 years, from New York, and has been killing pests his whole life.

Shocker learned that he is now 44 years old and that Cowbell owns a boat for charter fishing and has two kids (12 and 16), and he owns a tree removal company.

Handy-Mandy learned that SMKG has two kids and is from Buffalo New York, drives to Savannah to work at Wells Fargo.

SMKG learned that Handy-Mandy is a small business owner who has two kids (8 and 10).

Yo-Yo-Ma learned that Sawed Off has two kids and is expecting a third!

Big Spur learned that “Urk Dawg” was born in 1776 and prefers to be called Mr. Urkel who is a huge whoppers fan. (never a dull moment with Big Spur around)

Urkel was impressed by Big Spurs “listening with a purpose skills”, and learned that Big Spur was born in S.C in 1975, has 3 kids, and his oldest 2 are driving and hes nervous about it.

Cowbell learned that Shocker has 4 kids and is from the Keys. He likes to fish and is excited for hunting season just around the corner.

QIC Roker learned that Jeter wrestled D2 in college which explains why he crushed me in agility today. Hes new to the low-country and moved here in May. Has a wife a kid. His attendance at the Buck is above reproach.

Coffee giveaway today on the Federal Govt’s dollar. Supply added and extra “0” on mistake to our coffee order for upcoming field exercise. Enjoy!!!

Today was fun. Always a pleasure leading such a mentally, spiritually, and physically strong group of men. I feel that all 3 F’s were covered today. God is sovereign.

Roker Out!

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