8/3/2020 – The Brig

Weather: Mid 70’s high, very high humidity, slight if any breeze, minimal rain

PAX: Minivan(Q) Spaulding, Ambien, Brutus & Radar

Warmup: TTTx10 IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, AOx10IC, IWx10IC, HBx10IC (NO SSH were performed during warmups)

  • The Thang: Mosey over to our covered walkway at The Brig
    • 2 sets of 11’s
      • start with 1 BBSU and 10 leg lifts
        • Mosey to other end of CWW Roughly .15 mile)
      • 1 LBC and 10 windshield wipers
      • Mosey back and forth until all reps are complete
  • Mary: Pickle Pointers ICx20
    • Indian run to SF
    • Back planks x 20secs each (Needle, iron cross, bob)
  • Announcements: Olympax August 15th, Small talk of sandbar workout,
  • Prayers: Safety from the storm & covid. Radar had a good vacation. Brutus heal up from dog. Snipe for a broken toe
  • Moleskine: Quiet group this morning. I think everyone was hoping for a thunderstorm at 5am for an excuse. SpaceX splashdown was mentioned, Dementia was discussed, Brutus working through his next Q (If you’ve ever been to a Brutus Q, you’ll know this is a lengthy process) Spaulding mentioned it was a good Monday Q – Not sure if that is a compliment or an insult. Unanimous decision for the humidity to leave

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