A Delightful Baker’s Dozen

Date:  07/29/2020

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Peaches, Lombardi (respect), Cowbell, Swanson, Judge Judy, Squealer, Buckeye – QIC

3 PAX got their EC 800m repeats on and then were joined by 4 more PAX for one of YHC’s favorite routines.

Conditions:   Not terrible for July, hint of a breeze, and the upper lawn is in fine shape

Disclaimer: YHC is not paid, trained, and lacks skill, you are exercising at your own risk.  Push yourself.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Tempo Merkin x 10 IC
  • TTT x 15 IC (one more random clap would have invoked the burpee)
  • Imperial Walker x 15 IC
  • Copperhead Squat x 15 IC
  • Chain Breaker x 10 IC

PAX line up on the paved path and face the shovel flag for:


Baker’s Dozen, which was taught to YHC by JV when the #MOB was in it’s infancy:

13 reps down to 1 rep of each exercise, PAX also did a few laps along the way to extend the pain.

  1. Double Merkin Burpee x 13 OYO
  2. Weezy Jefferson x 13 OYO
  3. Lombardi’s Mountain Climber x 13 (1 is 1) OYO
  4. Speed Skater x 13 (2 is 1) OYO

Mosey across the upper lawn and perform 13 reps of each exercise, mosey back and forth for 12, 11 and 10 reps

1 lap around the paved path

Reps 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5 back on forth on the upper lawn

2 laps around the paved path

Reps 4, 3, 2, and 1 back on forth on the upper lawn

Two PAX have time left to do laps around the paved path and are instructed to be back by 0600.

PAX circle up around the Shovel Flag at 0600 and are DONE!


-Well done fellas!

-Rep counts where 91 of each exercise.

-Double Merkin Burpee’s were intended to slow down Judge Judy. #fatsoccerarms  #noteffective

-Weezy Jefferson’s were intended to encourage PAX to visit the Exicon.  #movinonup

-Lombardi’s Mountain Climbers were intended to pay homage to Lombardi’s HIIT WO that YHC frequently reflects upon.  Lombardi also went straight #beastmode this WO.

-Speed Skater’s were intended to remind the PAX how uncoordinated most of us are.  YHC legs are also destroyed as a result.  #stupidchoices

Great work fellas and as always, it was an honor to lead!

Buckeye Out

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