Monday Morning beatdown

07.27.20 MOB

PAX:  Buckeye, Peanut, Lombardi, Peaches, Cable Guy, Squealer, Saw’d-off, Shocker, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher, Cowbell, Kiffin-QIC

Conditions:  76 degrees, 80% humidity, winds calm.

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a better, stronger and faster today.

0515 Warmup:  

25 Sealjacks 4 count, Thru the tunnel x10, Alt. shoulder taps 4 count x10, 50 air presses

Mosey around the track, come back to the flag.

Thang: AMRAP around the track

4 stations, mosey between each station

Station 1 @ the flag- 10 Burpees

Station 2 @ the B-ball court – 20 jump squats, then crab walk to other baseline

Station 3 @ the school fitness station- 30 murkins

Station 4 @ the bleacher – 40 dips

repeat for 4 laps


10 burpees, Dirty Dogs 10 each leg, Repeat 10 more Dirty dog each leg, 50 LBCs, 20 American Hammers

0600 Done


Anyone still need to collect p200 shirts see Saw’d-off

Let’s work to keep Saturday workouts alive at MOB. sign up to Q or show up


Prayers for Squealer’s sister, Amy, who is going in for surgery today. We pray for all the doctors and medical professionals involved and We trust that God is sovereign in all of these situations.

Praise for Adidas and his big accomplishment over the weekend in his race and for the money they were able to raise. Great work Adidas!

Great work by everyone today. There is no better way to start off a Monday. As Diapers use to say, “my best days are days when I start off with an F3 workout”. So true.

Kiffin. Out.

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