4 Horsemen

PAX: Ball Cock, Peaches, Buckeye, Sawed Off (QIC)

Conditions: 76 degrees, 83% humidity, thunder in the distance

Disclaimer: none given; YHC was sole PAX for first 4 minutes, joined shortly thereafter mid-workout.

Warm Up:

SSH x 10 IC

TTT x 10 IC

BBAC x 10 IC; forward and reverse

Mosey to track


Had no plan until pulling in to parking lot. YHC is tired, sore, achy and lacks motivation. Lets cobble something together.

Merkin/Dip/Squat Mile: begin with 15 reps of each, take a lap. Rinse and repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Mosey back to flag to meet Buckeye and Peaches after marathon training run conclusion.



Thoughts are with Adidas as he wraps 24 Hours of Booty today with Team Camden.

Also thinking about Stones as he is moving this weekend. Stressful experience for any one, reach out to him if you’re able.


T-Claps to all of those that are in training mode: Peaches, Buckeye, Lafawnda, Squealer, Judy, Updyke, Gambit, Whip, etc. (sorry if I missed you). These guys are putting in a ton of work for physical pursuits, some of which have been canceled and or are in flux. Way to remain committed to the effort gentlemen.

Enjoyed sharing some thoughts that have been weighing on me lately. Appreciate Ball Cock being a sounding board and allowing me to vent.

There’s a lot of bad news that is constantly being forced upon us; spend some time thinking of and sharing good news with those around you. They likely need to hear it as bad as you do.

Sky-Q had all of us on edge this morning about 20 minute prior to post time. Lots of thunder claps out there.

Can’t understand why we don’t have more Saturday participation; you get to sleep in later and All Joy is open by the time we finish. Come on fellas!

Always a pleasure to engage and lead. Appreciate you all, love you all. Have a great weekend!

Sawed Off out!

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