The Gun Cabinet

PAX: Ray, Shocker, Daniel Son, Ball Cock, Hacky Sack, Green Hole (FNG Welcome!), Jeter, Chigger, Cable Guy (Respect), Hostilo, Cowbell, Sawed Off (QIC)

Conditions: 76 degrees, 1000% humidity

Disclaimer: (In Ivan Drahgo voice) “I must break you now.”

Warm Up

SSH x 20

IW x 10

HB x 10

BBAC x 10

Reverse x 10

Helos x 10

Dirty Dogs x 10 each leg

SSX x 20

Mosey one lap

The Thang

We celebrated shotguns this morning, repping our exercises in the four most popular gauges: 12, 16, 20 and 28. In each corner of the pad, a different workout was completed; burpees, crucible merkins, jump squats, 4-count flutters. Complete OYO, move to next station.

Mosey to gym wall, rinse and repeat with dips, step-ups, incline merkin, american hammers.

Mosey back to pad

TTT x 10

Light stretch left, right.



Workouts are hard. They are supposed to be. It’s in the gloom that we push through the most difficult aspect of our day because once we conquer a difficult workout, we know we can overcome whatever else is thrown at us.

2nd F family day at Burkes Beach on HHI this Saturday, 10am. Parking is limited.

Prayer Requests

Shocker’s mom starting radiation; God be with her, offer strength, comfort and healing.


Getting tired of picking up tires on the pad. We need to find out who else is using it.

Football stadium is locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Wanted to do stairs this morning. In hindsight, I’m sort of glad we didn’t.

Ray would have rather been in my bed than at the workout this morning. Me too buddy, me too.

Heard some grumbling during the 28 burpee station. A Judy Q backed by that was not a crowd pleaser.

Green Hole wanted to name himself. The PAX were unconcerned and not amused.

Where’s the shovel flag?

It’s always a pleasure to lead, I appreciate the opportunity.

Sawed Off out!

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