I count down, you count the rep up.

Hacky Sack Chigger Hostillo Wet wipes Ball Cock Handy Manny Shocker Cable Guy Judy (QIC)

Weather: Slight cool breeze with little to no humidity.

SSH x 25

AC x 25

TTT x 25

Tempo Merkin x 10 

Merkin x 10

Squat x 10

Tempo Squat x 10

D of D:  

Tempo Merkin (Spades)

Merkin (Clubs)

Squat (Hearts)

Tempo Squat (Diamond)

Short Mosey


Tempo Merkin x 10 

Merkin x 10

Squat x 10

Tempo Squat x 10

Flutters x 25

AH x 20

Back Scratchers x 15

30 sec Plank

Big Boys x 10

LBC x 50

Tempo Merkin x 10


Prayers: pax with injury, local doctor family and praise for healing of pax family member


Run day at TYC Friday. They have shirts and stuff.

2nd F lunch at Bluffton BBQ. Noon. 7/8/2020

2nd F beach day this Saturday. See squealer for details.


  1. The Buck has no weeds, no rule six violations and always a cool breeze. Just saying.
  2. YHC planned a special no burpee workout for Swanson. No excuses even if you are out of town on family vacation. #noshow
  3. Tclaps to Hostillo for bringing his tennis game to F3. Based on his dress attire alone, he will be a major contender at Wimbledon next year.
  4. The DofD cards were actual Vegas playing cards. They are now disgusting and in the trash.

Good work by all at the Buck. Thanks for letting me lead.


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