Hot Laps…you are welcome

PAX-Minivan(respect), Spaulding(respect), Hermanos, Nae-Nae, Jar-Jar(Visitor Johnson City, TN), Musk-QIC

76 degrees, overcast, drenched in sweat before your start humidity

Warmup: TTT x10, imperial walkers x10, hillbillys x10, arm circles F/B x10, air pressure x10, Michael Phelps x10, SSH x25

Thang: Mosey w/ pace. 1st stop-1 merkin 1 squat, 2nd stop-2 merkins 2 squats……..15th stop-15 merkins 15 squats. Total 120 merkins, 120 squats and 3.1 miles through the wool blanket air. Stopped along the way to do 30 pull ups as a group just to break up the trip.

Mary: flutters x30, American hammers x15, 2 wonderful HOT LAPS, finished with a 30 second merkin burnout.

COT: Announcements-lunch today at Java Burrito at 12:30. Prayers-all those dealing with COVID health/job issues, Schnitzel for his business venture and the Vanderslice family for the loss of Dr Rick.

Bury the sad clown. Get up and lead. No better way to start the day. Very grateful for F3 and the men who enter the gloom.

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