10 x 10

Cowbell Big Spur Shocker Kiffin Buckeye Gambit Squealer Stones psh! Peaches Ray Sawed Off Cockaboose Adidas Judy (QIC)

Conditions: no breeze. miserable humidity. weeds.

SSH x 20

Mosey to OFP

11s Burpee/starburst 

40 Merkins OYO


Mary (ish)

TTT x 15

AC x 10

10 x 10 psh! 



Run day at TYC Friday. They have shirts and stuff.

2nd F lunch at Bluffton BBQ. Noon. Today!

2nd F beach day Saturday. See squealer for details.

Prayer: healing for a pax member and father of a pax. Unspoken.


  1. Tclaps to the PAX who put in speed work EC. Y’all crazy.
  2. It’s always fun to see a PAX member hit “the wall” during a workout. It’s even better when it’s Buckeye.
  3. Cowbell never broke a sweat on the 11s. We need to step it up so he can get in an actual workout.
  4. Tclaps to Shocker for posting for the back to back Qs. Appreciate it.
  5. Peaches violated rule 6 100% of the workout. On the other hand, Stones wore America’s hottest shirt 100% of the workout.
  6. Cockaboose’s one-liners are always on time.
  7. 10 x 10 always sucks.
  8. YHC is 40. Psh!

Thanks for letting me lead.


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