Contra Force July 2,2020

Conditions: It’s July in Bluffton. Assume 100% humidity.

12 Pax : Cowbell, Jeter, Jack Sparrow (CO-Q), Chigger, Harbaugh!, Swanson, Shocker, Cable Guy (Respect), Ball Cock, Hacky Sack, Hostilo, Wet Wipes (QIC)

Disclaimer as normal

Warmup : 40 Merkins OYO, filler exercise, 30 Merkins, Filler down to 10 for 100 Merkins w/ filler in between.

The Thang: Divide up into 2 teams per new rules of 10+

Team 1 w/ Jack Sparrow

Team 2 w/ me

Run the Bluffton School Loop doing 10 Burpees @ every entrance to the school grounds including closed entrances and B&G club.

Back to the flag for Mary

Team 1 was way early to the flag.  Rumor has it they modified the burpees or skipped some sections?  Team 2 had a real stickler on their team so things were done to spec. Once at the pad team 1 was deep into mary.  Team 2 quickly joined in.

Cor/ Nor

no announcements and no prayer requests

Mumble chatter was light today.  Running w/ 6 instead of 12 cut down on the noise and everyone was focused on the workout.  Cowbell does not stop for anything.  Swanson & Cable Guy stayed strong the whole run.  Thanks to Jack Sparrow for Co-Q’ing.  Split Q’s suck but it’s better than not showing up.

#SYITG – Wet Wipes

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