Roll the Dice

PAX: Goose (Respect x 3), Hermanos, Chum Bucket, Schnitzel (Respect), Spaghetti-O, Ambien (Respect), Mini Van (Respect), Spaulding (Respect), Guilliard, Jo Anna, Sawed Off (QIC)

Conditions: 77 degrees, moderate humidity, comforting breeze; pretty perfect. It’s a shame we’re about to ruin this morning with a workout.

YHC hasn’t been on deck at #TYC since prior to P200 band party, so a return visit was well overdue. As always, the native PAX were welcoming and ready to “roll” on time.

Warm Up:

SSH x 25 IC

HB x 15 IC

AC Forward x 15 IC

AC Backward x 15 IC

Helos x 15 IC

Dirty Dogs (each leg) x 15 IC

Mosey to parking lot

The Thang:

YHC took one of his kids’ retired baby blocks and transformed it in to an “exercise dice.” Sides were labeled as follows:

1-2-3 Lunges (shuffle stride in place and dip hips on the 3 count)

Jump Squat to Calf Raise (one of each in succession equals one rep)

Mountain Climber Merkins (each knee to chest then down)


LBC to BBSU (one of each in succession equals one rep)

Commando Plank (start in plank position; descend on right forearm, left forearm, the return to plank position equals one rep)

As a group, PAX mosey to each street light, rolled the dice and performed corresponding exercise. Rinse and repeat until 5:52am.

Mosey back to pad.


AH x 10 IC

Flutters x 30 IC

HD x 20 IC

J-Los x 20 IC




July 4 Convergence has been delayed indefinitely. Typical Saturday Q still on schedule, coffeeteria to follow.

Welcome to our Down Range PAX. Nice to see you in the Lowcountry gloom.

The PAX of HHI have a lot to be thankful for and we discussed that this morning. With attention constantly being focused on the negative issues that impact our lives, we often lose sight of how blessed we truly are. It’s great to hear about the good things happening in fellow PAX lives and share in that praise.


While the fitness level of TYC PAX is not suffering, the mental capacity may be. Perhaps it’s time to put a lojack on the shovel flag?

YHC is fairly confident that Schnitzel was still technically asleep upon arrival.

Lots of mumblechatter about coordination requirements for this morning’s Q. Next week, we’ll attempt to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Clearly, we were working with a loaded die this morning. LBCs to BBSU were a fan favorite.

For those across the region that are #fartsacking, get over here and spend a morning with Goose. 70 years old, churns out every rep, runs every step and still has a sense of humor to share at the end of a workout. Totally inspiring dude and an absolute stud.

I’ve now had the privilege of Qing all five AOs in the region since taking on the Nant’an role at the end of May and it’s been a lot of fun. We have some great leaders and an amazing group of men posting all over the lowcountry. Moving forward, I hope we see more PAX diversify their post sites and check out what’s going on around the region.

This 4th of July weekend, enjoy the time with your friends and family, be safe and be responsible. Whether you recognize it or not, people are looking at us for leadership and we need to set the example.

Do something nice for someone today, and tell a brother you love him!

Sawed Off out!

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