Tire pull

July 1, 2020 The Brig

PAX: MiniVan, Snipe, Radar, Hermanos, Spaulding, Swanson, Schnitzel

Weather: 78, slight breeze

Welcome, intro blah blah blah

  • Warmup:
    • TTT X 10 IC / Mosey to corner
    • ACF, ACB and Air Presses x 10 IC / Backpedal to corner
    • Mosey to stop sign
    • IW & HB x 10 IC / Mosey to SF
  • The Thang
    • 100 resistant curls (add 1 wrap every 25 reps) Run lap / tire pull (see below)
    • 90 2-count flutters – run lap
    • 80 squats – run lap
    • 70 2-count mountain climbers – run lap
    • 60 LBC – run lap
    • 50 merkins – run lap
    • 40 BBSU – run lap
    • 30 groiners – run lap
    • 20 v-ups – run lap
    • 10 2-count wipers – run lap
    • Rinse and repeat if time
    • Everytime you came to the tire you pull it 1 parking space
      • 1st – walking backwards
      • 2nd – stand stationary and pull with arms
      • 3rd – on your 6 and pull with your abs
      • The tire made a full loop of the lot
  • Mary
    • Pickle Pointers – hold the UP x 15 IC
    • Needle hold for 20s
    • Iron cross for 15s
    • Bob for 10s
  • COR/ NOR
  • Announcements: July 4th convergence cancelled / Regular boot camp at 6:30am / Shingles will be the run day Q starting Friday July 10th 5:15 at TYC
  • Prayers: Schnitzel thankful for F3 (we all are!) Hermanos sister Erin job loss
  • Moleskin: Swanson was very curious as to what workout we would do, this was Workout A, had Spaulding forgotten to bring the tubes we would have had Workout B, simply replacing the 100 resistant curls with 100 Burpees. Thank you Spaulding. Radar gave an in-depth explanation of Sous steak cooking, he likes his rare. The tire makes for a good mix-up in the gloom, look for it to appear more often.

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