The long way to 11

Pax: 21 – ReadyMix, GrapeJuice, Mountaineer, Simba, Good Hands, Armstrong (FNG), Monsewer, Miyagi, Conroy, Cpl Klinger, BrownDown, Crack, Grey Matter, Machine, Pepe, Hog Jog, Hugo, Wolverine, Refried, Butch, and My Cousin Vinny

Conditions: Humid, very humid

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify as necessary, push the man beside you.

Warm Up:

SSH x 50 – 40 normal pace, 10 slooooow

Slow Merkins x 5

Low slow squats x 5

Stretch where needed OYO – 2 minutes


Mozy to Ampitheater Waterfront side.

11’s the long way. Merkins and 4 count Squats. Start at waterfront with squats and go over all the walls until you are at Paninis back porch and perform Merkins.

Mozy to Playground

10 Bo Dukes – Merkin then jump the fence at playground and merkin on the other side. Basically a burpee but jump over a fence instead of just to the end of your toes.

2:00 Dead Hang – Every time you drop do 5 burpees and get back on the bar.

Partner Up – One partner 5 pull ups while other partner does 5 dips. Alternate and count down to 1. Total of 15 reps each.

Stay with partner and mozy to bottom of the bridge. While one partner runs to the top of the bridge and back the other partner is doing Merkins to failure. When PAX reaches failure, do 20 SSH and begin Merkins to failure again. Rinse and repeat until your partner arrives back from bridge run and then switch roles.

Indian Run back to Flag.

Finish off with Mary.

1 minute plank

15 reps each. Butterfly rock, 6 inch leg raise, Freddie Mercuries, LBC w/ 1 second hold at top, LBC twist (right elbow to left knee then alternate)

1 minute plank – 30 second side plank per side

Announcements and Prayer Requests:

Sands Workout tomorrow 0530 Grey Matter Q – Manhood Restored Bible Study is finished, study of James will begin July 10 –

Pray for our local, state, and federal level leaders

Pray for an individual who had a stroke on Sunday.


Conroy once again motivated us with some outstanding tunes.

Simba (Good Hands 2.0) is faster than most of the grown men out there and he is 7. He also corrected me on shorting my Merkins.

Moses joined us today in working out. He is one of the homeless in our area. He has recognized the brotherhood and camaraderie that goes on at F3 and has been drawn to it. He rides his bike 20-30 miles a day and looks to begin fully working out with us when his ankle heals and he can run. We named him Armstrong to compliment his biking prowess.

Good work men! – Ready Mix

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