PAX: Addidas, Buckey, Lombardi (respect), SMCG (respect), Kiffin, Peaches, Squealer, Peanut, Cable Guy (respect), Stones, Sir Big Spur, Gambit (QIC)

12 PAX pulled back the covers of the fartsack this morning to get the week off on the right foot. YHC rolled out for day 1 of an 18 week marathon training plan per Buckeye only to arrive at the AO to be voluntold from Big Spur the Q was mine. 10:4 lets get to it…

Conditions: 74 degrees, Humid, dark, suck

Disclaimer: Not trained, Not a professional, Modify as needed, push yourselves and each other

Warm-up: (IC unless otherwise stated) SSH x 30, TTT x 10, Seal Jacks x 20, Squats x 20, Merkin x 10, Plankjacks x 20

The Thang: (POAS) Mosey to wall over by basketball court for BTTW x 20-30 sec then merkins x 10 (IC). Complete x 3 sets. Mosey around track to  benches for pistol squats x 20 OYO each leg. Continue mosey to parking lot and circle up for AST x 30 followed by merkins x 10 (IC). Mosey to bridge and pritchard. 5 burpees OYO for the 6. plank jacks x 20. Mosey to Boundary and Bridge  for 8 count body builder x 10 (silent count). Mosey to  water and boundary for 5 burpees OYO, Mt climbers x 20, merkins x 10 (IC). Mosey to Water and Calhoun for squats x 50 OYO, Plankorama on Q call. Mosey down calhou. Once PAX hit Allen st begin reverse run to bridge and then resume mosey turning onto green and to the new park for 10 count. Burpee broadjump down side road to the second crosswalk regrouping at the stop sign on Lawrence. side shuffle to stop sign on Boundary. Switch directions and side shuffle to next cross street on Boundary. Recovery mosey to corner of Boundary and Bridge.

Moving 6 MOM: 50 LBCs OYO, Mosey to Pritchard and Bridge. Flutters x 30, Hello Dolly x 20, Mosey back to flag for side planks with hip dips x 20 on each side, dirt dogs x 10 each leg.


Announcements: Addidas with the Saturday Q this week for his 1 yr anniversary. Note location change for that workout will be oyster factory park.

Prayers: Lebaron family


1. Big Spur made a quick exit at the beginning only to return looking a little lighter and pale in the face.

2. BTTW is always a crowd pleaser…Always.

3. Early sobriety test with balance during the pistol squats. Peaches failed.

4. 5 years of F3 Bluffton and none of us knew there was a house on the corner of Bridge and Boundary let alone a dude lives there and doesn’t like early morning counting. On a side note, we still aren’t sure if it was just Big Spur talking from his hot box that happened to be on the same corner.

5. Burpee broadjumps are equally as exciting as BTTW.

A lot of people struggling theses days, mentally, physically, emotionally… Continue to be vigilant about looking out for your brothers, those in the gloom and those not.

Always a pleasure to lead! (even when told to)

Gambit out!

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