Signs, Signs, Signs

PAX: Minivan (respect), Spaulding (respect), Radar, Snipe and Swanson (QIC)

5 PAX didn’t listen to their inner devil and got up this morning for a Swanson beatdown.

Conditions: 76 degrees, winds out of the SSE at 0.01 knots, 0% dryness

Disclaimer: I’m not trained, overweight, diabetic and not a professional, modify as needed, push yourself and the man next to you

Warm-up: TTTx10, IBCx10 (each way), IWx10 & SSH x 15

The Thang: Run the loop from HHPC along Bus Drive, to Gumtree Road, to School Road, down Wilborn Road to back Bus Road and finish at HHPC. Each time there was a sign along the road, the PAX had to do an exercise.

White Background Signs – 10 – Merkins
Red Background Signs – 20 Squats
All Other Signs – 10 BBSU

6 MOM: Flutter Kicks x 10, Out of Time!


Announcements: July 4th at the Yacht Club, Navy Blue Double Breasted Blazers and Khaki Pants Are Required (NO PLEATS)

Prayers: Musk and Family


Spaulding shouldn’t wear all white shirts when doing BBSUs.

Snipe Narc’ed on his old man when it comes to finding signs along the road.

Minivan is adamant that the Brig doesn’t start with SSH.

I saw a twitter post the other day, where a PAX and his son went for a run, the 2.0 said, let’s do a called exercise at each sign we pass. I thought that would be a good idea, so i snagged the Q at the Brig. Everyone knows HHI is known for their strict sign standards… apparently BCSD doesn’t have that same mindset.

Final Count – 310 Merkins, 280 BBSUs, 120 Squats and 1.13 Mile loop.

It was a pleasure gentlemen!

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