T-Claps Handy Manny

Conditions: better than we deserve for mid June in the Lowcountry

Disclaimer: Not a pro, push yourself, get better, don’t get hurt, encourage the men by your side.

15 PAX: Cable Guy(respect), Jeter, Chigger, Sawed Off, Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher(respect), harbaugh!, Ball Cock, Ray, Shocker, Cowbell, Swanson, Hackey Sack, Handy Manny(Welcome Back Cotter), Checkers, Adidas-QIC

Warm-O-Rama: Stretch during 5 core principles

Mosey to school entrance. 

Small warm up loop of high knees, ass kickers, karaoke right, karaoke left

Reverse bear crawl up steps, bear crawl down. 

Plank to shoulder taps(10) to plank to plank jacks(10) to plank to mountain climbers(10)

Rinse & repeat 3X

10 count. 

Mosey to bus loop

Bearpee’s around loop:

1 burpee/4 count bear crawl, 2 burpee/4 count bear crawl, continue up to 10 burpees. Count back down with walking lunges. 100 burpees

Bearcrawl remainder of loop until Six catches up. 

Mosey to school entrance. Plank for six. 

10 count. 

Mosey to pad. 

Big Bang:

Form tight circle. From center sprint to edge of pad-do 10 merkins then return to center, plank for six. Sprint-20 merkins, sprint -30 merkins plank for six between each set- count down with squats 30-20-10. Plank for six. Hold plank, right hand up, back to center, left hand up, recover. 

Mary: 30 flutters IC, 15 dirty dogs per side IC, 20 dying cockroach IC, LBC’s until time(75)


Coastal Empire new AO launch. Clown cars heading down to support their expansion. Let’s support our southern brothers.

T-Claps: Handy Manny- Finally has the opportunity to thank Barry in person for his efforts and leadership during his tenure as Site Q at TheBUCK before handing YHC the flag. He was the Q for my first Bootcamp almost a year ago and I’m thankful for what he has brought to my life.


  • Cowbell always shows up, exactly on time, perfectly dressed. Golf shirt, khakis. He might have had on boat shoes.
  • Swanson is 4 for 4, don’t count on 6 for 6
  • When YHC is Q, Big Spur either leaves early or fart sacks
  • Bearpee’s suck!
  • You don’t have to run a lot in a bootcamp to get a proper beating.

Always a pleasure and honor to lead.


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