Beta testing…

PAX: MiniVan (Q-respect), Spaulding (Respect), Schnitzel(respect), Ambien(Respect), Singlet, Snipe, Radar, Fishsticks

Weather: Perfect, mid 60’s no humidity

  • Warmup:
    • Mosey 75yards,
    • TTT x 10 & IW x 10
    • Backpedal 20 yards
    • Mosey 75yards
    • HB X 10, ACF & ACB x 10
  • Split into 2 teams
    • Team 1: Spaulding, Ambien, Snipe, Singlet
    • Team 2: MiniVan, Radar, Schnitzel, Fishsticks
  • The Thang:
    • Team competition with a tire in the middle of the teams. Once your team hits the cumulative total reps, your flip the tire towards the other team until they stop you. Each PAX can only flip tire 2x before next team member flips. If the tire makes into your teams base you are penalized with a Musk favorite “Hot Lap”
    • Round 1 – 100 Burpees
    • Round 2 – 200 BBSU
    • Round 3 – 300 Merkins
    • Round 4 – 400 V-Ups
    • Round 5 – 500 Groiners
    • Round 6 – 600 Mountain Climbers (single count)
    • Round 7 – 700 Plank Jacks
    • Round 8 – 800 Squats
    • Round 9 – 900 SSH
    • Round 10 – 1000 Flutters
    • Walk like an Egyptian Indian walk/ tire flip back to Shovel Flag
  • Mary – See above, we covered Mary…
  • Announcements: 2nd F @ Hudsons, Thursday 5pm / Mention of a future 2nd F with M’s /
    • F3 Launch THIS SATURDAY – Lake Mayer inn Savannah 6:30am
  • Prayers/ Praises: Musk and family / Schnitzel friend beginning cancer treatments / Brutus and workload
  • Moleskine: Fishsticks mentioned something about being cold… Which then led to stories from Schnitzel about being cold, walking to school in knee deep snow up hill. Most of Schnitzels story can be found in a book called “Genesis” Team 2 started out strong, Team 1 finished strong, tire ended up back in the middle. Singlet was ready to Scrum at 1 point. Spaulding hit the tire and had leg cramps. Ambien wanted to run more. Fun was had by all…

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