LT Dan Humps Monkeys

It was a muggy morning at The Yacht Club.  Our amazing spring weather is officially gone.  8 PAX gathered in the Gloom for a sweaty “no burpee” promised beatdown.

DATE: 06/09/2020

PAX: Chumbucket, Spicoli, Spaulding, Goose, Ambien, Schnitzel, Commodore(Nashville), MiniVan

QIC: Junior Varsity

Warm Up

25 SSH/10 Merkins/10 IW

50 Box Jumps

Mosey to far end of field.

LT Dan Modified

1 Squat, 4 Monkey Humpers, 8 Lunges SC

2/8/16…10 Squats, 40 Monkey Humpers, 80 Lunges

Mosey to small field for a Dora

300 Flutter Kicks, 200 Big Boys, 100 LBC’s

Mosey to the SF

Little Man in Canoe 1 Minute

10 Star Bursts

25 Crunchy Frogs

Plank 1 minute


There were only two of us not worthy of “RESPECT” today.  Goose got a triple!  Prayers for Schnitzel and his work on a new venture.  Prayers for Cousin Hardhat and the RV Excursion!  Prayers for our Nation.

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