The End of May @ the Buck

11 Pax :Mountaineer (Respect), Cable Guy (Respect), Adidas, Chigger, Jack Sparrow, Lombardi (Respect), Ray, Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher (Respect), Judge Judy, Cow Bell, Wet Wipes (Qic) 

Disclaimer : I’m not a trained professional. Push it, Push it Real Good!

SSH : TTT : Arm circles forward then back : Added 2 types of Stretching of the legs before we got into it.

Line up on the side of the pad. Walking Lunges w/ Twist to the other side.  Jump your way back.

100 Merkins

The Thang:

Mosey to the bus loop then turned into Indian run and indian run pick up the 6.

30 sec – 1 min of wall sit

Jail Brake the Loop

15 Derkins

Jail Brake the Loop

15 incline merkins

Jail Brake the Loop

Mosey to the wall

50 dips OYO

mosey to the pad w/ some reverse run

Mary: Bent leg body twist IC, Let tuck twist IC, LBC’s x 100, Flutter IC, AH IC

low plank – DONE!

Cor/ Nor:

Mumble chatter -was low on Thursday.  Could be because we are near the end of the week, or because everyone was out of breath from running fast.  Either way I try to raise the bar and bring some heat.  I wanted to add more stretching and more core but not make it feel like a yoga sesh.  Mission accomplished.

Prayers : Adidas mother, Miller family loss of daughter on HHI, Fuge’s father. – Heavy hearts and minds.  Show us your love God and bring peace in our hearts.

It was a great day to lead you men.

Wet Wipes

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