Three years at the Yacht Club!

QIC: Heatstroke

PAX: Pee Wee, Schnitzel, JV, Chum Bucket, Radar, Spaulding, Spaghetti-O. Ambien, Tramp Stamp, Singlet, Fish Stick, Goose, Heatstroke

Phew, YHC hasn’t had to deal with this level of humidity just yet up in NC, THICK! Anyway, doesn’t matter, 0515 and time to circle up at the flag. Disclaimer and go time. 

Warmarama: SSH, Windmills, Crab Jacks, Daisy Pickers. 5-1 ladder of Merkins/Mountain Climbers. 

The Thang: Merkins…and plenty of them. Do a merkin variation in the following rep scheme: 10-8-6-4-2. Do a short lap between sets. 

Mosey to field next to the flag. Hand release merkins and run a lap. 

Mosey around the side of the shopping center. Find some grass for Catalina Wine Mixers. YHC is informed there are brambles everywhere in the grass for those without gloves. Which appears to be most, YHC included. Audible to Carolina Dry Docks on the cheese grater pavement that is pretty much throughout the enter place. Run a short lap. 

Continue mosey around lot. Find some lighted area. Inchworm merkins and quadraphelia up and back. Inchworm merks are becoming a personal favorite, like a bear crawl in place. Try it with a ruck on, it’s “great.”

Mosey some more. Parker Peter Merkins with side shuffle up and down the lot. 

Time starting to run short. Mosey back towards the flag except beer to the field to the right. Burpees include merkins right? Let’s go with those. Carioca/Kuechly up and back on the field. 

Mosey back to the flag for…

Mary: Circle Merk as a proper merkin finish. Homer to Marge with low dollies and rosalitas. 

Recover, recover. 

COT: F3 Hilton Head 3 year anniversary this week! Prayers that we can put this pandemic bhind us sooner rather than later. 

Moleskin: Appreciate the hospitality brothers! Hope y’all enjoyed it. Note to self, never forget gloves if you’re planning on a merkin-centric beatdown. They raw. I had a long list of merkin variations, probably would have been a 2 hour beatdown if we did them all, I know everybody feels cheated by this…  Never got back to the Catalina Wine Mixers, check them out on the F3 Exicon page. Great push by everyone this morning. We snuck in a little over 2 miles today, but the legs were largely left alone. YHC had a run planned for later, so it was a bit intentional. Plus it should leave plenty in the tank for Fish Stick if he has practice today.  Big man was killing it out there. On the other end of the spectrum, awesome to see Goose out there putting in work. Triple respect, inspiring. Good to have Pee Wee in tow from Winston Salem as our families are vacationing together this week. Great group down here and it’s cool that the faces are becoming more familiar. Y’all even remembered some of my shenanigans from my last Q, I’m flattered. I should be back this summer. Have a great anniversary week! Aye!


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