Memorial Day Murph

Conditions: Slightly humid, otherwise pleasant

PAX: Swanson, Peaches, Lombardi (respect), Cockaboose, Judge Judy, Cable Guy (respect), Buckeye, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (respect), Clark (F3DenverNC), Bertha (F3DenverNC), Adidas- QIC

Disclaimer: Push hard, don’t get hurt

Started with reminder of why we celebrate Memorial Day, why we honor men like Lt. Michael Murphy who was KIA in 2005 in Afghanistan. Played TAPS while we thought about it.

Grab the shovel flag to remain with us entire WO

Main Thang: The Murph

One mile run: from MOB to Oscar Frazier Park

100 Pull up, 200 Merkins, 300 Squats

One mile run: Back to MOB

Announcements/Prayers: Cable Guy with VQ (ish) at TheBUCK tomorrow. Silent prayers.


  • One mile at MOB is equal to The Longest Mile. 1.25?
  • TClaps to those who completed WO with weighted vest!
  • All varied how they broke up their sets, some had to adapt. All got it done, together.
  • One day between a CSAUP and The Murph is not enough.
  • YHC’s speech on Memorial Day was nothing like JV’s “grab them by the balls” speech at the CSAUP.
  • We are officially renaming MOB TheBUCK Lite, as TheBUCK site Q was QIC today, and so was it’s flag.
  • Two down range PAX from Denver. Not the cool Denver, the other Denver.
  • Swanson is still sweating from the workout 2 hours later.

As always, it’s an honor and a pleasure to lead. You all make me better and I am grateful for it!!! -Adidas

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