CSAUP + Fun…

  • DATE: 5/23/2020
  • Conditions: Low to mid 70’s to start with rising humidity and a rising sun. Summer temps are coming back to the Gloom
  • PAX: Wet Wipes, Fish Stix, Singlet, Musk, Gold Digger, Stones, Radar, Harbaugh!, Giblet, Judge Judy, Honz & Fronz, Swanson, Roker, Buckeye, Cable Guy, Tamp Stamp, Jack Sparrow, Adidas, Peaches, Toothless, NAe NAe, HardHat, Gambit, GoDaddy, Jethro, Sawed Off, Ambien, Ball Cock, Hair Clog, Schnitzel, Big Spur, Wreck-it Ralph(FNG) and the few PAX names that could not be understood
  • QIC: Junior Varisty, Spaulding, Chumbucket, MiniVan, Hermanos
  • INTRO: Spaulding with the Pledge. JV opening prayer and Memorial day thoughts
  • WARMUP: Spaulding:
    • TTT X 10 IC
    • 10 Burpees on the minute for 5 minutes
    • TTT X 10 IC
  • THE THANG: PAX split into 4 groups and travel “roughly 3.5 miles with 6 stops along the way Each station was an AMRAP for 10-12 minutes
    • STATION 1 (ALL) 5 minute plank in the surf (if you drop 5 Hydro burpees)
    • STATION 2 Marker 63A (JV) Thors Wet Hammer (In surf) crab crawl to soft sand 100xArmFlutters, 50xMonkeyHumpers, 25xHelloDolly, 25xStarBurst, 25xIn/Out
    • STATION 3 The Pig (MiniVan) Merkin/ Burpee ladder up to 10 and back down (if time) Running between 10 parking spaces after each rep
    • STATION 4 Carolina Realty (Spaulding) 10xJumpSquats, 20xLunges, 30xPlankJacks, 40xMntClimbers, 50xSSH, 60xFlutters
    • STATION 5 Players Club (Hermanos) 1xSquat, 1xV-up, Lungex10Steps. Increase rep by 1 each time
    • STATION 6 Marker (Chumbucket) 11’s between soft sand and surf Bear Crawl between the 2. Big Boys and Squats
  • MARY: Flutters x 25IC in the surf (some PAX may have protested this)
  • COR/ NOR
  • Passing of checks $25,000.00 to each charity: (PACK, Boys & Girls Club, Young Life and Children’s Museum)
  • COTG: Being the original Low Country Nantan, Gambit is stepping down and passing the Flag (or New Shovel Flag) to Sawed Off. Well done Gambit!
  • MOLESKINE: No matter which team or which direction, you started in sand and water. Schnitzel thought the beach was in the other direction, Singlet concerned his wife is disappointed now that he knows how long 12 minutes is…, HardHart concerned that Spaulding may have some separation anxiety this summer when he is camping all summer long (Although Team 2 thinks he is really only camping in Bluffton) Big Spur wondering who and why someone dropped blocks off along the way, Gold Digger prefers the name Gold Finger, Judge Judy concerned about time management skills of the Hilton Head Q’s, Nae Nae thinks bear crawls on soft sand suck (as if they don’t suck anywhere else?) TEAM 2 had a lengthy conversation at Station 5 whether to bring the blocks back or not, we did, some nameless PAX said screw MiniVan after reading his Q (The mark of a good Q)

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