Step it Up

Q for 5/21/20 at The Yacht CLub

Pax: Singlet, Fish Sticks, Fool’s Gold (visitor), Spaulding (respect), Minivan (respect), Chumbucket, Ambien (QIC-respect)

Conditions: 72 and humid


20 SSH

12 burpees

10 TTT

2 burpees

15 IW

2 burpees

15 AC (forward)

2 burpees

15 AC (backward)

2 burpees
Mosey around Kroger and end up at the stage. Five burpees completed to satisfy request from Fish Sticks.

The Thang – The Ladder

Pair up with another pax. Together, the pair do the following in order of: 1-8; then 2-8; then 3-8; then 4-8; then 5-8; then 6-8; then 7-8; and finally 8. Once you reach the end, start back up the ladder, i.e., 7-8, then 6-8, etc.

The ladder:

  1. 20 burpees
  2. 50 BBS
  3. Short run – from stage, go around Shelter Cove Park
  4. 50 dips on wall
  5. 50 squats
  6. Long run – from stage, go around Kroger and back
  7. 50 merkins
  8. 50 lunges

Mosey to Flag

No time for Mary


  • CSAUP Saturday May 23 at Coligny Beach starting at 0600 hrs to celebrate the 3rd year of The Yacht Club. Money will also be presented to P300 charities afterwards around 8:30 am.
  • 2nd F tonight at Bucci’s on Hilton Head


  • Ambien’s family
  • All the sick

Always a pleasure to lead this group.

Ambien, out.

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