Why you punish me?

Pleasant morning.

13 Pax on deck.

Lombardi (respect), Toothless,Judge Judy, Ballcock, Sawed Off, Chigger, Roker, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (respect), Adidas, Shocker, Cable Guy (respect), Checkers, Whip QIC

Plank Warm Up
30 second plank
45 second plank
1 minute plank

.75 Mile mosey

THe Thang: Q had great appearance from Darius Rucker. He sang “Time”…
Picture a clock in your head….then sing with Hootie…GO>>>
Start at high noon with 12 merkins.
Proceed in plank position to 1pm with (1 VUP).
Proceed to 2pm with 2 Merkins.
Follow the clock pattern until we are done with entire clock.


-Mosey to parking lot for partner jailbreak.
Partner 1 run jailbreak loop as partner 2 starts squats.
300 squats per team.

-Back to Pad for reverse clock
12 Vups
11 Merkins
10 Vups and on and on.

Follow the clock pattern backward until done.

Then mosey back to parking lot for relay race.
Murder Hornets vs. Hammys.

No one won. We all lost.

Lightpoles won.


Announcements: Huge Pax WO Day Saturday on island! Memorial Weekend. Saturday at Coligney WO!

Moleskin: Hootie usually plays Charleston every August. Holler if y’all wanna go…we need to hurry though…time flys.

Prayers for all.

Whip Cream OUt.



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