American Flags on a string

Pax – Brandy, Gray Matter, Conroy

Conditions  – 69 – light  breezeA5885654-16AF-4B07-B554-491DA2E77C20

American Flags on a string

Warmup- SSH x25, TTTx 12, IW x 10, HillBillys x 10, Air chair LBC fwd, bed, OC, and RTR x 12

mosey – through park to first American flag we see on Carteret – 16 dips, next flag in front of jewelry store – 5 burpees, next flag in front of USCB – 20 lunges 5/16/20

Merkin ring of fire 10 descending – fast with 3

mosey to flag in front of flag in front of cigar shop – 5 burpees

mosey to flag at first federal – 20 Hello Dolly

mosey to flag by Bidy shop – Gray Matter calls 25 side lbc

mosey to national cemetery flag – American hammer ring of Fire descending from 10.

Mosey down Bladen to American flag in front of house – brandy calls on your side crunches   X 25 a side

Mosey to St Helena Museum where there was no flag flying – 1 minute plank

Mosey down Bay to first flag in front of yellow house Ring of Fire 3 – with flutter kicks – feet off ground whole time descending from 10


mosey 2 blocks – flag – 16 mountain climberS

mosey 1 block – gray matter calls 20 walking lunges –

mosey to flag pole in park – brandy calls  a series of rolls in grass using only your core – 1/2 and 1/4 turns – core exercises

11s derkins and dips

walk back to anchor.

announcements – CSAUP HHI 5/24

name o rama-


– good times had by all.

Moleskin – Gray Matter to have V Q this week – prob Wednesday. Schedule will be posted on Slack and on F3 lowcountry. Planning to plant the flag Monday – good to have Brandy back – EEEEEE ran through. Hotter today.



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