Murder Hornet

15 Pax met up at the MOB for a classic Old School Throwback  – AMRAP ladder around the Path.


PAX Peaches, Golden T, Big Spur, Swanson, Squealer, Ray, Rachel Ray, Porky, Sawed Off, Kiffin, Adidas, Corona, Sister Mary Caterine Gallagher, Buckeye, Gambit( Happy 43) – QIC 12 Gauge


Conditions – A brisk 55 degree morning

Disclaimer – Not a trained professional, push the man next to you

Warmup – All exercises IC, unless otherwise specified

SS hop x30;  big arm circles 15 fwd, 15 rev; TTT x15, Imperial walkersx20, Tempo merkinx15

Mosey around track and meet back up for the Thang.

The Thang:

AMRAP ladder around the track with 5 workout stations

  1. 10 burpee Jacks by the playground equipment – mosey to BB court
  2. 20 Merkins on BB court and mosey to benches
  3. 30 decline shoulder taps – count each tap – mosey to corner by the pool
  4. 20 squat jumps – mosey to “the little hill” across from parking lot
  5. 10 BBSU with feet up the hill – reverse bear crawl up the little hill and mosey back to station #1

Rinse and repeat until time expires, or you die!

No time for Mary, because Mary is pointless!

Announcements – CSUP on the Island on May 25th.  Peaches with info to follow.  Sawed off wants everyone to follow up with sponsors( if comfortable) to see if people are in a spot to hold up their sponsorship’s.  If not  – no pressure

YHC forgot prayer requests, because I haven’t Q’d in a long time and I was lacking sufficient oxygen to my brain.  so…Unspoken prayer requests

Moleskin: YHC hasn’t Q’d or shown up for workouts consistently for a bit, and it wasn’t until this stupid quarantine that I realized how much I actually missed it.  I wanted to do an old school MOB workout, to see if I still had what I had a few years ago.  This workout was designed with Judge Judy in mind, but despite texting me the night before to see what we were going to do – he hit snooze to snuggle with his M!  In all honesty, I think he was scared of the AMRAP.  There was absolutely no mumble chatter this am, but several Pax told me it sucked. Mark of a good workout! It sucked so bad I named it ” The murder Hornet”

T Clapps to Buckeye  – Thanks for pushing me and thanks for sacking up when I decided to go for 1 more round with 5 minutes left, so I didnt have to come up with MOM.

Pleasure to lead Men

12 gauge out.

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