11 for 11’s, and the HuRpee

Conditions: 53, clear, perfect

PAX: Whip, Judge Judy, Toothless, Sister Mary Catherine(Respect), Sawed Off, Chigger, Hackey Sack, Ball Cock, Swanson, Cable Guy(Respect), QIC- Adidas

Warm O Rama: Arm circles forward & back IC, Chinooks IC, Imperial Walker IC, Mountain Climbers IC, Happy Jacks IC, HB squats IC

10 Pull Ups then 5 HuRpee’s, 5 pull ups then 3 HuRpee’s, 3 pull ups then 1 HuRpee

Mosey to church for main Thang

Main Thang: 11’s

Ground Pounder (coupon/block to chest, then overhead press, to ground in deep squat) and Carolina Dry Docks. 10 ground pounder, 1 CDD. 9 ground pounder, 2 CDD. You know the drill. Pick up and finish with the 6.

Then 2 rounds w/coupon: 10 block Merkin IC, 20 curls OYO, 20 squats OYO

Indian run back to flag for Mary

4MOM: 30 flutters IC, 50 LBC OYO, 20 Dying Cockroach IC, 20 Monkey Humpers IC


Announcements: Possible Memorial Day event/CSAUP on beach on HHI. More to come. The Rake shirts? If enough on board, they will get done.

Moleskin: YHC introduced the HuRpee to the PAX. It is a Hand Release Merkin Burpee. Could not find it in the Exicon, so calling it the HuRpee. Happy Jacks are harder to keep cadence then expected. 5 SSH immediately followed by 2 jump squats. Good group size for TheBUCK. Let’s keep the momentum going!

It is an honor and a privilege to lead.



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