Conditions: high 60’s clear, perfect temps

PAX: Minivan (Q-respect), Musk, Hardhat

Warmup: 10xTTT, 10xACF&ACB, 10xAIRPRESS, 10xHB

  • The Thang:
    • Mosey to HH Elementary
      • 11’s Dips and Merkins
    • Mosey to HH High School
      • 11’s Pull-ups and leg lifts (If you can do your pull ups add that total to leg lift)
    • Mosey to HH Middle school
      • 11’s Dips and Derkins
    • Mosey to HH High School steps
      • 11’s Irkins and Air Presses
    • Mosey to HH Elementary school
      • 30s BTTW
    • Mosey to AO
  • Mary
    • 20 BBSU OYO
    • 30s Plank
  • Praise/ Prayers: Musk and family / Vanderslice family
  • Moleskine: Hard to set that alarm clock early again… Text from Spaulding at 2:50am (WHY?)”I won’t make my Q”. Several other items and/ or PAX may have been discussed but I guess you need to be there.

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