Conditions: High 60’s, humidity creeping back

PAX: Chumbucket, Musk, Spicoli (respect), MiniVan(Q-respect), Spaulding(1st RESPECT)

Warmup: 10xTTT, 10xACF, 10xACB, 10xIW, Short Mosey

  • The Thang:
    • AMRAP around the Brig with 10 stops, just short of 1/2 mile loop
    • 20 x resistant curls
    • 20 x Rocky Balboa (10 each leg)
    • 10 x Guardrail irkins
    • 50 x flutters
    • 10 x dips
    • 10 x groiners
    • 10 x rows
    • 10 x rosalita wip
    • 10 x squat
    • 20 lunge walks
  • 5 laps

No time for Mary – Ran over by 30 seconds, after 4 weeks of not being timed…

Announcements: Few – Sign up for Q’s sheet is wide open

Prayers: back to some sort of normal

Moleskine: Good to be back with the PAX in the gloom. Good to have chatter while doing The Thang. A few weeks of solo, or even low PAX counts shows how much more F3 does for each of us other then just fitness. Lets get the in the gloom.

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