If it’s not an AO, did it happen?

Westbury Park F3 Quarantine Park

PAX: Swanson, Sawed Off, Chigger, Cable Guy, Sister Mary Catherine, QIC- Adidas

Warm o rama: 20 SSH IC, 10 baby arm circles F, 10 R- IC, 10 chinnock IC, TTT IC

Mosey 1/2 loop

Bear crawl field, mosey back

Main Thang- 21’s:

HR Merkin/ Monkey Humpers: 1 HR Merkin/20 MH, 2 HR Merkin/19 MH… you know the drill. These were done on the wet grass, on purpose!

To Pavillion: 

20- Stirkin, step up with incline merkin, IC

Ball to the wall- 1 minute

4MOM: flutters 20 IC, LBC 30 OYO, Dirty dogs- 10 each side IC, sweat angles, (snow angles on 6)10 OYO, flutters 15 IC, dying cockroach 15 IC

Recover recover


F3 10 year event announced. Let’s see if we can clown car and have a good Lowcountry showing.

12 Mile GoRuck Virtual Quarantine Ruck this Saturday. Run the loop if you don’t Ruck.

Squat challenge is live. Check out FB page for details.  

TheBuck is Back? Maybe. Thinking of modifying over to the church for a while? Being discusses. Bring back some norm. #WeOwnTheGloom

T-Claps: Swanson and Cable Guy have posted between 10-12 times at our Quarantine Park since orders have been placed. It’s not even an AO!!! True HIM if you ask me. What have you been doing?

Unspoken Prayers.

It is an honor to lead men. Adidas out!

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