Spread out, stay together

Conditions: 55 degrees.  Perfect.  #feltgoodoutthere

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional.  Work out at your own risk.

Pax: Big Spur, Adidas, Buckeye, Peaches, Harvey Updike, Cockaboose, Mary Catherine Gallagher, Cable Guy, Swanson, QIC Stones

Stones Warmup:

SSH x 25 IC


Arm circle forward x 10 IC

Arm circle backward x 10 IC

Mosey to bus loop


BOMBS Ladder

Start with 2 counts of each and work up to 10 counts of each then back down.  Lap around bus loop after each BOMB set.  Wait for six after each set/lap. #nomanleftbehind

When you get to 10 bring it back down the ladder to 2.


Overhead Presses




Partner up.  Run mile loop doing 10 merkins at each turn.  End at underground AO.  #spreadoutstaytogether

Mary called out by pax on the basketball court.  It should be noted that low plank does not include elbows according to Adidas.  #maryispointless


After a six week hiatus from the gloom, I heard there was a underground group of pax meeting to continue to take the DRP.  Peaches challenged me to take the Q and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Most of us are continuing to run and do work outs on our own but it was great to gather together to push each other in the gloom.

It was a pleasure to lead you all.  Thanks for the push men.


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