1000 Merkin Virtual CSAUP

What makes a virtual CSAUP different then ones live and in person? Turns out not a whole lot!

Proximate. There are many things like a shield lock and a CSAUP where being proximate to each other is of utmost importance. But what do you do when that is not an option? It turns out having a CSAUP is the perfect idea.

Somewhere into a challenge set by Harvey Updyke where a few PAX were doing 22 merkins a day in honor of our military and veterans who take their own lives every day by suicide, Dabo brought up the idea of doing 1000 in a day. 

YHC thought it would be the perfect way to endex our challenge, and throw it out there to the Nation as a Virtual CSAUP as COVID-19 was now affecting our ability to be with each other in person. 

There were many ways to accomplish the mission of 1000 merkins, per PAX, in one day. Some finished by 8AM(YHC), others not until after 10PM. All were encourage along the way. 

Here are the finishers:

F3 Bluffton: Sawed Off, Peaches, Chigger, Lombardi, Whip, Judge Judy, Man Bun, YHC- Adidas

F3 HHI: Mini Van, Ambien

F3 Toledo: Woodstock, Chew Toy

F3 Hickory: Biscuits

F3 NETN: Jar Jar

14 PAX for 14,000 Merkins +

Now, where did virtual meet reality? By my count, between text, Twitter, FaceBook, and Slack, there were no less than 200 messages sent! PAX even offering Zoom meetings to help each other through it. 

Ultimately, there were 14 HIM, from 5 regions, in true HIM fashion, not just sharpening their blade, but really being supportive of their brothers. 

In closing, it is truly awesome being able witness, “virtually” everyone pushing, growing, and ultimately invigorating the male leadership our communities need so desperately right now. 

It is, as always, my honor to lead. 



“A mans job is to make the world a better place to live in, so far as he is able- always remembering the results will be infinitesimal, and to attend to his own soul” – from The Obstacle is The Way, by Ryan Holiday

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