HK Coronathlon @ WPF3QP

Pax: Swanson, Cable Guy, crap… YHC forgot to count how many PAX in order to keep with quarantine mandates! Oh well. 😉 Strangely, we did not see any Ducks flying overhead, so someone else was near by as well.

Warm O Rama: Short, as we had work to do.
20 SSH IC, 20 LBAC, 10- TTT

Main Thang: HK Coronathlon- Created and shared by Hello Kitty, F3 Q of Culture, Host of the COT and Pick up the Six Podcast.

15 minute Run

5 minutes burpee’s

5 minutes LBC’s

5 minutes Squat’s

15 minute run (YHC rucked)

Results to be posted on Q Sheet

This is a great workout to do OYO during Quarantine life. Also, will be great to duplicate throughout the year and check your improvements over time. YHC was glad to have some brothers there to suffer and push with.

Prayers: Mary Catherine- for friends in Seneca dealing with aftermath of yesterday’s storms and CV-19. Adidas- Mom’s recovery from back surgery, going in for injection Friday.

Important! Reach out to someone today!!! It could be a fellow PAX, friend, or family. We are all struggling in our own way with CV-19/quarantine life. A quick call, text, Zoom, FB message can really improve someone’s day. We are charged to live 3rd. Be of service. I would guarantee you will lift yourself up by lifting those around you.

I appreciate all of you, as you continue to help me sharpen my blade. It is truly and honor to lead, and I look forward to seeing everyone hopefully sooner than later. SYITG, Adidas

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