F3 Beaufort Announcements

Beaufort High Impact Men,

The current crisis has presented us with an opportunity to accelerate our mission through better communication and structure. The first change is that we will now be lead by F3Readymix (Brandon Brock) who will take the reigns as Nantan for the Beaufort Area. In the coming days and weeks, Readymix will recruit for and announce some other structural roles that will strengthen our mission going forward. Please join F3Crack (current Nantan and F3Anchor OG) and me in welcoming Readymix to his new role and by supporting his fresh ideas and initiatives.

Also, a consistent theme of mumblechatter over the last 2.5 years has been the disjointed communication that we have utilized. We currently utilize the F3lowcountry site, Facebook, text and Remind to communicate everything with very little uniformity. Each has limitations to include word count limitations, Pax being left out, and inconsistent messages. Slack has emerged as the most used app for communication among F3Nation and we will start utilizing that going forward. With this change we will make every effort to make sure that all PAX understand, have access to and feel comfortable using it. Let’s make the most of this by turning our can’ts into cans so that we can all get stronger in this area.

The first step is to sign into the app at https://join.slack.com/t/f3bft/shared_invite/zt-dgrp2390-ilaWdSPVvTSZNr6PtbT4Gg

Good Times – SYITG,


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