This is JV's workout

Conditions: low 60’s , perfect weather

PAX: Radar, Schnitzel(respect), Chumbucket, Styx, Squid(respect), Peaches, Swanson, Adidas, Minivan(Q, respect)

  • Warmup:
    • TTTx10ic
    • ACF/ ACB x10ic
    • IWx10ic
    • HBx10ic
    • SSHx10ic
    • 1 Burpee
  • The Thang
    • Since JV might not be around for the next few Monday’s lets do a JV workout
      • What that means is I thought of it when I pulled into the parking lot
    • Various distance of runs with various stops along the way for a various amount of burpee’s….
    • If my math is correct
      • 2.15 miles and 227 burpee’s
  • Mary:
    • Pickle Pointer and/ or Air Humpers x 20ic
    • 10s needle plank hold
  • Announcements: Few
  • Prayers/ Praises: Schnitzel job search, Adidas friend Mark loss of Mother // All those being affected in so many different ways right now // Thankful for the freedom and the weather to be able to be outside this morning
  • Moleskine: Why do a JV workout when JV is not around? Peaches is concerned about Palmetto Hall possibly being on lock-down. Schnitzel is still delivering Swanson’s pork butts – last 1 today. Styx is missing Lacross, or school or something like that. Is social distancing still necessary if your on the sandbar? Chumbucket really hopes FIA gets there virtual workouts going by next Monday

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