3/11/2020 – YHC turns 40 today!

Conditions: 59 degrees, amazing 

PAX: Gambit, Sawed Off, Dabo, Hostilo, Lombardi, OJ, Peanut, Urkel (QIC)


  • LBAC OYO while YHC gives the disclaimer reversing halfway
  • SSH x 40 IC
  • TTT x 11 IC

The Thang:

This is modeled after a Dabo Q approximately 3.5 years ago. It was the reason that I posted to my first run day. And one of the many reasons that Dabo remains my favorite Q (Adidas is gaining fast)!

Run the 5K route. At each corner, one of the PAX calls an exercise for 11 reps. 

Today is 3/11, 3 miles and 11 reps of each 

YHC was suffering from a bit of dehydration after being in a plane all day yesterday. So we stopped at the Oyster Factory Park for some hydration. 

We also did bearcrawls on the bridge for Yo-Yo Ma who may be milking his wisdom tooth recovery just a bit. (According to Gambit)


  • 40 LBC’s OYO





  • We are so close to our fundraising goal, but we need to keep pushing to the end!
  • Team 2 has a meeting at Southern Barrel tonight, but no one else was there this morning. 
  • Dark Helmet has the early Q at #theBuck tomorrow. 0445. Don’t miss it!

Prayer requests:

  • I may have forgotten to ask
  • That means “unspoken”



  • I created the March spreadsheet just so I could take this Q. Even though I didn’t get into town until midnight, I wasn’t going to miss this one. 
  • In my now 40 years on this Earth, F3 is one of the most significant things I have been a part of. I can’t even begin to describe what this group of men has come to mean to me. 
  • Our run today was YHC pushing the pace, known as a recovery run for everyone else. 
  • Thanks to all of the HIM who showed up this morning to push YHC. 
  • 16 days to the Palmetto 200. Run like crazy!

Urkel Out!


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