The Lemon Parade

March 5, 2020

Conditions: Kinda dark but NO RAIN.  55 degrees and perfect.

Disclaimers: don’t get hurt.  Push yourself and others.

Pax: Chumbucket, JV, Bartman, Ambien QIC.


25 SSH

5 burpees (2 burpee penalty for JV tardiness)

10 TTT

3 burpees

15 IW

3 burpees

15 AC (forward)

3 burpees

15 AC (backward)

3 burpees

Mosey to fountain.  Complete 20 merkins, 20 BBS, 20 squats.

Going clockwise around Shelter Cove Towne Center area, mosey to 4 spots between fountain and steps at our favorite office building.  Repeat the 20 merkins/20 BBS/20 squats at each of these four stops with last set at the office building.

At office building, do 21s of lunges and V-ups. Starting with 19 lunges and 2 V-ups then run up 2 flights to top of building, across and down to starting position. Rinse and repeat decreasing lunges by 2 reps and increasing V-ups by 2 reps until 1 lunge and 20 V-ups are completed.

Mosey back to circle for some OT Mary of 30 Flutters.



  • Ambien’s lemon tree supplied some vitamin C for all Pax.  Plenty more where those came from too.
  • Pax clearly don’t know how to look at weather apps to determine when it will and will not rain.  May I suggest using Weatherbug?
  • Wash your hands and follow suggestions to avoid getting sick.  These suggestions apply to the flu and coronavirus.


  • Dark Helmet, President of F3, will have guest Q on Thursday 3/12 at the Buck.  Start time is 0445 hrs (ouch).
  • Sell signs and van sponsorships.


  • Ambien’s family all could use some divine intervention.
  • Healing for those with coronavirus, the flu, and any other illness and keep the numbers that get sick low.
  • Many unspoken prayers.

As always, it’s a pleasure leading this group.

Ambien, out.

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