PAX Choice, Mental Battle, and a major special announcement.

◦ PAX: Ball Cock, Cable Guy(Respect), Yo- Yo Ma, Urkel, QIC- Adidas

◦ Disclaimer- Not trained or paid pro, put in the effort, don’t get hurt.

◦ Conditions: The moisture was kept on the ground, not falling from the sky.

◦ Warm up

◦ SSH, Through the tunnel, LBAC, mountain climbers to high plank, to low plank, to high plank, mountain climbers, SSH- all IC

◦ Mosey to wall for 20 dips, 20 step ups each leg, 10 derkins OYO

◦ Mosey to bus loop for PAX Choice.

◦ Run laps stopping at every turn(4)

◦ PAX picks exercise and count

◦ Rotate & repeat until time

◦ Exercises included: tire flips(2X), curls w/rocks, burpee’s(2X), squats(2X), round of baseball bleachers(4 up/down, touch every step), LBC’s, HR Merkins, Big Boys, Curbies(burpee w/jump onto curb), bear crawls, flutters.

◦ Indian run, then jail break back to pad.

◦ 2MOM: 30 flutters IC, LBC OYO until time.

◦ Announcements: Sell signs, sponsorship. Guest Q next week?

◦ Post workout, QIC received confirmation Dark Helmet, President of F3, will guest Q before his speaking gig at men’s breakfast. ALL PAX ON DECK for 0445 start, 3/12 at TheBUCK!!!

◦ Prayer request: Urkel and daughter traveling

◦ Mental Battle:

◦ Life is hard. Don’t be scared to share hardships with your brothers. Communicate. Either in the COT, or meet for coffee. What ever it takes. We don’t work out alone, nor should we do life alone. Depression, anxiety, what ever it might be. Ask for help and support.

◦ Not mentioned during COT but worth mention. F3 has lost PAX to suicide. We need to make sure that never happens. Let’s keep the dialog of Mental Battle open to all men just like our workouts!

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to lead! Adidas

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