CSAUP – The Brig to the Yacht Club


PAX:  Bartman, Dabo, Peaches, Big Spur, Shingles, Lamont, Ambien, Schnitzel, Obo, Nae Nae, Spaghetti O, Brutus, Q’s – Minivan, Hardhat, JV, Chumbucket, Spaulding

Conditions:  34 degrees and cloudy……at least the rain held off.  Felt like it was in the 20’s

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger and faster today.

Warmup: lead by Minivan

TTT x 10, Arm Circles’s x 10 both ways, IW’s x 10, Hill Billies x 10, Squats x 10, SSH’s x 20.  Count off and partner up.

Thang: 5.5 miles mosey from the Brig to the Yacht Club with 5 Q’s along the way.  The shovel flags come along for the ride.

Mosey to Jarvis Creek

Q#1 – Hardhat.

Split up into two separate groups with your partner. One group starts at the pull up bars.  Partner one starts with 10 pull-ups and Partner two planks.  Rinse and repeat working your way down from 10 pull ups to 1 pull ups.  The other group starts at the dip bars.  Partner one starts with 10 dips and Partner two planks.  Rinse and repeat working your way down from 10 dips to 1 dips.  Groups switch locations and complete the other exercise.  Mission complete.  Each PAX 55 pull up, 55 dips

Mosey to Early Childhood Center

Q#2 – JV (Spaulding informs him he’s on the clock!)

Two lines in the carpool loop.  Burpee broad jump “Indian Run” with Bear Crawl.  PAX in each line burpee broad jump while last last man bear crawls to the front of the line.  Rinse and repeat until all PAX bear crawl.  Bear Crawl around the loop until the yellow curb.  All you got the balance of the loop.  Partner up……PAX 1 runs to the second light pole and back while partner does Starjacks.  Rinse and repeat.  Mission complete

Mosey to Marshland Road

Q#3 – Chumbucket

11’s with Superman merkins and jump squats.  Up the wooden bridge and back.  Mission complete!

Mosey to the horse sculpture field along 278.  To the PAX surprise (especially Peaches), the blocks were relocated the evening before!

Q#4 – Spaulding

DORA with your partner.  Partner one exercises, partner two runs towards the creek and back.  100 Standing Block Presses, 200 Curls, 300 Squats.  Surprise, the blocks are coming back with us to the Yacht Club.  Mission complete

Q#5 – Minivan

Resistance run in the parking garage at each level.  Exercise at each level while your partner runs up a level to the opposite corner and back.  Do as many reps until your partner returns.  Switch up each level.  After you and your partner complete a level, then a resistance run switching half way up to the next level.  Level 1-Flutters, Level 2-BBSU’s, Level 3-Leg Lifts, Level 4-LBC’s.  Mission complete

Mosey the back way along the Broad Creek to the Yacht Club




-Sell team and van sponsorships for p200



-17 PAX started, 15 finished.

-T Claps to Bartman, JV, Dabo, Peaches and Big Spur for a pre-5 mile run from the Yacht Club to the Brig

-Great push by Dabo after wiping out during the pre-run.  Hope those knees are recovering

-After the second Q, Hardhat informs the PAX that JV is being recognized by the Governor of SC for SC National Guardsmen of the Year.  Well done JV!

-Shingle and Dabo headed to Shingles office for a first aid kit……not sure who was playing doctor

-JV’s burpee broad jump bear crawl was the stupid part

-Spaulding’s surprise at the end of his Q was the pointless part of the morning

-The longer we ran the faster Bartman got

-Shingles ran with a selfie stick

-Brutus left after the second Q but then left a first aid kit along 278 for Dabo….That’s commitment

-Bartman likes to wrap his legs around the man next to him during dips……secretly I think Hardhat enjoyed it!

-The 5.5 miles turned into roughly 10 miles with the various Q’s along the way……sorry early bird runners.

-Cold beer in the parking lot during 2nd F was tasty!

-Some PAX continued the fellowship at Harold’s Diner

Until next year!

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