Peaches scared them all off

14 men with 2 FNGs rolled out of the fartsack this morning for a mid week beating. Apparently everyone other than cowbell, urkle, lombardi, and yo-yo were destroyed after Peaches beatdown yesterday. YHC was overly excited ffor  this Q because I knew Simpson was going to be there to continue his 1 day streak of posting and prep for the P200.

PAX: Hairclog, Cowbell, Stones, OJ, Urkle, Yo-Yo Ma, Lombardi (respect), Swanson, Hostilo, Handy Manny, Peanut, Tristan Kidney (PONG), Rob Kidney (UGA), Gambit (QIC)

Conditions: 63 and perfect

Disclaimer: modify as necessary but be prepared to catch a little shit for it

Warm-Up: (all IC) SSH x 30,TTT x 15, Arm circles x20 both directions, OHP x 20, Merkins x 10, Squats x 20, Mosey to the BBall court

The Thang: (YHC favorite pearls on a string) PAX will mosey to various locations and complete exercises at numerous stops along the way. BBall court for suicides x 2. On each return to the baseline PAX perform 5 merkin. On second round of suicides PAX complete 5 squats. Move to the wall for BTTW x 2 sets of 30″ ea. Continue  mosey around the track stopping at the benches for 20 split squats ea leg. Mosey the rest off the track  stopping at the soccer fieeld behind the large tire. Forming 2 lines, 2 PAX at a time flip the tire x 2 then run to the opposite end of the field and then back. Continue until we cross the field. Reverse and head back  to  where we started flipping twice and then bear crawling to the other end of the field. Plank until the tire makes it across.

Mosey out to Pritchard and Bridge stopping at the stop sign for plank jacks x 30 (IC). Mosey to the bridge for 50 dips OYO, continue mosey to Bridge and boundary for bodybuilders x 10 (IC). Mosey to Calhoun and bridge for 25 LBCs OYO. Mosey down Calhoun and to the Martin Family park circling up for Lt. Dan. (1:4 squat:lunge) working up to 5 squats and 20 lunges. Jack Webb (1:4 Merkin:OHP) working up to 6 Merkin and 24 OHP. Mosey out of the park stopping at Bridge and boundary for rep 6 of  Lt Dan. Mosey to Pritchard and Bridge for rep 7 Lt Dan. Mosey back to  the flag and circle up. Rep 8 and 9 Lt Dan and Rep 7, 8, 9 of Jack webb.


Countarama, Namarorama

Announcements: F3/Fia 2.0 workout this Saturday. Regular bootcamp at 6:30. Bring the kids at 8:30. Sell signs.

Nice work Fellas. Welcome to our 2 newest FNGs PONG and UGA. Workouts don’t get easier, you just get better. Stick it out and see the results.

Anyone else happy this damn burpee challenge is over?

Gambit out

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