Gloom Mountain Burpee

PAX: Cable Guy (Respect), Lombardi (Respect), Harvey Updike, Judge Judy, Wetwipes, Dabo, Coach K, Cowbell, Kiffin, Urkel, Yo Yo Ma, Big Spur, Ballcock, Peaches (QIC)

Conditions: 60

Disclaimer: Workout at your own risk, modify as necessary


SSH x 10 IC

AC x 10 IC both ways

15 Burpees OYO

TTT x 10 IC

-Mosey Burpees: Mosey parking lot stopping 4 time for 15 burpees each stop 60 Burppes

-ACDC Thunder Struck: Do Burpee every time you hear Thunder. 33 Burpees

-Chumbawamb I get knocked down. Burpee every time you hear “I get knocked down” 27 Burpees

-Reverse Burpee Ladder from 10-1 then 1-5 across the Pad. 70 Burpees

-Mosey Pads twice then to the Grass for

-10×10: 10 Burpees every Minute for 10 Minutes.  100 Burpees

305 Burpees done!


-Sell Sponsorships.

-2.0 workout this Saturday 8:30 am at the #MOB


-Kristy Carge arm



-Judy’s eyes light up when 10×10 was called at the end of the WO

-Dabo threated to leave after 100 Burpees.  Lack of Oxygen prevented him from effectively counting and he finished.

-After finding this WO on #Dark helmets Twitter feed I figured only time we would ever be able to accomplish was at the end of the 30 day burpee Challenge.

-I am unfollowing Dark helmet on Twitter.

Peaches Out!

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