Play your cards right

February 6, 2020 at The Yacht Club

Conditions: 65 degrees with nice wind. Kinda dark.

Disclaimers: don’t get hurt.

Pax: Minivan, Chumbucket, Hermanos, Goat, Nae Nae, JV, Spaulding, Hard Hat, Bartman, Go Daddy, Ambien QIC.


25 SSH

3 burpees

10 TTT

3 burpees

15 Imperial Walkers

3 burpees

15 AC (forward)

3 burpees

15 AC (backward)

3 burpees

Mosey around Belk and Kroger and continue to top floor of parking garage

The Thang:

Pax War with F3 Workout Deck: Divide deck in half between Q and one lucky pax (Minivan). Play war: higher card wins and all pax perform exercise on winning card. If war happens, all pax perform winner’s 3 cards facing up. After war, run down to 3rd floor of garage and back to top of garage. Rinse and repeat through entire deck.

Mosey to Flag arriving with a few minutes of OT.

No time for Mary.


Announcements: We kicked butt at Poseidon fundraiser but continue to try to sell P200 van sponsorships and team sponsorships.

CSAUP by led by Spaulding and Minivan set for 2/22 Brig to Yacht Club.

Prayers: JV’s friend Lauren, Unspoken prayers.


  • QIC broke out the F3 Workout deck and played War. Minivan was a worthy competitor.
  • Go Daddy thought the Q was making up all of the exercises.
  • What are “Wojo Squats?” Answer: Squat down, then jump from the bottom of the position. AKA, the jumping squat.  Glad we cleared that up.

2/2/20 was Q’s 2nd anniversary of doing F3. While Q can’t believe it’s been that long, this experience has been life-changing in many ways. Very thankful for all of the men involved and what this has taught. Thank you all.

Ambien, out.

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