Gambit Lombardi (Respect) Hair Clog Dabo Yo-Yo Ma Urkel OJ Swanson Rachel Ray Big spur Chubby Bunny Cowbell Judge Judy (QIC)

Not present: Peaches

Conditions: Perfect

SSH x 20, AC x 30, TTTx10, Mosey to OFP, 11s Starburst/Merkins, Mosey to AO, 10×10, TM x 15

Announcements: Less than two months before P 200. Don’t let your team take up your slack. Final stretch on fundraising efforts. Sell race, team, van and sign sponsors.

Prayer Requests for the two families that lost loved ones this week. Prayers of thanksgiving for the HIM in this community.


  1. Mumblechatter at an all time low this morning. YHC was pleased.
  2. Per Swanson: Eat or Freeze your bbq today. You have been warned.
  3. Those who are tracking…this is day 24 of the burpee challenge.
  4. Rachel Ray announced that he prefers blue skies, white sand and clear water compared to running around in the dark with a bunch of dudes. He was there anyway pushing the guy next to him.

JJ out.

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