10X10X? Pain Pad at TheBUCK

Pax: Hackey Sack, Cable Guy(respect), Mountaineer(respect), Harbaugh!, QIC- Adidas

Conditions: 47, drizzle, perfect to test the mental desires to fart sack

Extra Credit 2 mile run: One PAX

Disclaimer: Not a pro, push your brothers, don’t get hurt

Warmers: SSH-20 IC, Windmills-20 IC, Arm circles, 5 merkins- OYO

Shorts mosey, grab coupons, back to pax for Thang

Main Thang:

10 reps each exercise:

Merkin, Squat w/coupon, Big Boys, Mountain climbers, Curls w/coupon, Burpee, Diamond Merkin, LBC, jumping split squat, overhead press w/coupon

Between each round, run out and back length of pad.

Repeat as many rounds as possible. Recover.

4MOM: 20 flutters IC, 20 LBC IC, Dirty dogs IC, High plank to low plank to high plank to side plank to high plank. Time!

Announcements: Awesome job selling Swansons butts, now it’s time for the grunt work. Get on the volunteer sheet and be there! #TheRakeRuck coming soon.

Prayers: Wet Wipes comfort, unspoken.


Max rounds for PAX- 7 complete

GrumbleChatter was heard.

Harbaugh! might have worn his new TheBUCK shirt as PJ’s

T-Claps to Cable Guy who only started F3 about a month ago and has been posting 3X a week.

How are your 2020 goals going? Off to a good start? Need some encouragement? Use your Shield Lock or make one and be accountable to each other.

Keep EHing FNG’s, and the PAX who haven’t been posting. Let’s keep the numbers up, not just on run day. Phone a friend. They, and you will be better for it.

Let’s get some VQ’s. Mix things up and have some fun!

It’s an honor and a pleasure to lead.



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