The Butt is Really the Shoulder

PAX:  Swanson, Urkel, YoYo Ma, Lombardi (Respect), Buckeye, Big Spur, Cowbell, Stones, Sawed-Off, Rachel Ray, Hostillo (welcome back!), Judge Judy, Gambit, OJ, Cockaboose (QIC)

Conditions: 34 Degrees (Brisk)

Disclaimer: Though I am a registered professional is SC & GA, it has nothing to do with exercise. Work out at your own risk.


SSH x 20 IC

Seal Jacks x 20 IC

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 20 IC

Tempo Squat x 10

Temp Merkin x 10

AC x 10 IC (both ways)

The Thang:

Mosey around MC Riley loop for instructions, “Pork Butt & Shoulder Daisy Chain”, also known as “T&A”. 1 Group at benches for A, 1 Group at playground for T, 1 Group moseys to relieve

Return to basketball court baseline

Lunge Walk baseline to baseline

Bobby Hurley jump squat baseline to baseline

Mosey to field benches, break into three groups

Round 1: T=Tempo Derkin & A=Bulgarian Squats using bench

Round 2: T=Tempo Dip & A=Tempo Squat

Round 3: T=Tempo Wide Merkin & A=Step-up using bench

Round 4 (incomplete): T=Tempo Incline Merkin & A=Tempo Lunge Thrust

60 Seconds of Mary

Squat hold



Pork Butt Extravaganza on Friday. Will also be T&A with heavy lifting on the front end (Friday morning) and on the back end (Friday evening). Help out Swanson! Add pork butts, but please don’t mess with the spreadsheet.


Safety over the cook and for all participants. Also for our community and the charities we’re supporting.


  • Purpose was to focus on quality, not quantity (low and slow)
  • Being grouped allowed for mumble chatter, which was welcomed
  • Mumble chatter also turned the theme a bit PG-13 – that may be QIC fault for explaining original title
  • Urkel may not be able to read this at work – sorry!
  • Welcome back Hostillo – you were missed!
  • Burpees are apparently an allowed modification to the “T” workouts
  • Always round up, whether it be hours billed or burpee counts


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